General advices:

When you purchase Durable products and before you make the choice, consider the following:
  • • Check the product apparent checking before purchasing it.
  • • Do not buy inferior products and consider quality.
  • • See the product’s country of origin label and the data of the agent or importer as well.
  • • Ask about other people's experience consuming durable products you want to buy.
  • • Order and retain your purchase invoice and certificate of guarantee.
  • • Read the manual of product’s usage and ask about the services of product return and the policy of exchange.
  • • Make sure of all the descriptions and specifications are available in the product and compare it with similar products concerning the service.
  • • Read the terms and conditions of certificate of guarantee carefully before purchasing the product.
  • • Do not sign a contract of empty spaces or seems incomprehensible for you.
  • • Do not trust verbal guarantees for durable products but inform Department of Consumer Protection about any store that undertakes a verbal guarantee to guarantee the products without giving the consumer a guarantee certificate.
  • • Ensure that the commercial agent or his principal abide by providing spare parts for consumers, also make sure of the existence of maintenance centers for the product at appropriate prices.
  • • Be sure to know the ability or size of the product for reaching the purpose of purchasing.
  • • Review the terms and conditions of product’s guarantee.
  • • Be sure to check the cost of maintenance in case of failure in the product, and who is responsible for paying of this cost.
  • • Do not hesitate to report counterfeit or non-conforming products.
  • • The optimum use of the products prolongs its lifetime.
  • • If there is a problem with the product or service, contact the supplier as soon as possible. As trying to repair the product by yourself may cancel your right of guarantee.
While viewing ads in the media and public places, beware of fake advertisement – Don’t believe the fake advertisement-
  • • Existence of Exaggerations that do not reflect the reality of the product, as it doesn’t perform the required tasks while using it.
  • • Terms of agreement and contracting procedures are different from which stated in the advertisement, such as ignoring the after-sales service.
  • • Advertising to provide special and attractive offers due to the products’ low quality or service.
  • • Promotion of products the advertiser claims to have certificates and quality labels with no authorized service centers at the advertiser or supplier.
  • • Promotion of products without approved permits which may cause serious damage such as cosmetics, herbs, slimming drugs and others.
  • • Advertising to provide unclear service, related to agreement terms, and place of supplying, its benefits and its usage warnings.
  • • Promotion of a product or item with unclear data such as; Item Source, Components and Date of production and validity etc.
  • • The price stated in the advertisement is contrary to the total price actually paid.
Advices to follow during purchasing online:
  • • Before sending your information to the site you buy from, make sure that the data and the figures for your purchases and credit card details are correct.
  • • Be sure to buy from sites that have good reputation and read carefully the terms of sale, especially the terms of delivery and the terms of refund through Internet. As some sites contain boxes for frequently asked questions, you may check them if you have any questions or problems.
  • • Keep a copy of the purchase order each time you buy it through network then print it, and keep a copy of it on the Hard Disk.
  • • Never give details and data of your credit card or via e-mail or through chat rooms.
  • • Review your credit card statement for online purchases and names of the companies from which you purchased, which may sometimes differ from the name of their website.
  • • Use only one credit card to buy online and allocate it for this purpose so that you can easily discover any attempt to use your card and make sure that the balance of this card is proportional to the value of your purchases online.
  • • The absence of the pre-purchase checking requirement may lead the consumer to get involved receiving spoiled products due to the inability to see goods before purchase.
  • • Read the explanatory notes for the products offered for sale and make sure of the liability of transport and delivery costs to the consumer.
  • • Buy from reputable sites protects you from fake and counterfeit goods.