Exchange and Refund Policy
  • 1 - The consumer has the right to refund the product or exchange it if there is a defect in it.
  • 2 - The supplier, producer, distributor, the seller or agent is obliged to set the Exchange and refund policy in an apparent place.
  • 3 – In case of finding a defect in the product, the supplier is obliged to refund the product or exchange or repair it according to the choice of the customer taking into account the nature of the product.
  • 4 – If his choice is to repair the defect, then the supplier shall be obliged to inform him with the defect type and spare parts or the cost in addition to providing a similar product if time of repairing defect exceeds 14 days or more.
You can’t refund in these cases:
  • 1 - The existence of the same product elsewhere at a cheaper price.
  • 2 – Product is free of any defects that may harm your health and safety.
  • 3 – You do not desire the product.
If you want to refund follow these conditions:
  • 1- The possibility to refund the product is within a specified period.
  • 2- The possibility of refunding the product with another one shall be in case of availability of the purchase invoice or proof thereof, indicating what has been purchased.
  • 3. The product must be in the same condition as it was at the time of purchase. In case of damage, the supplier shall be entitled to ask the consumer to pay the damages costs or pay the value of the products.